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HAVE A LOOK AT THIS! Boy folks, opportunities like this one are far and few between. If you are anywhere in this area, try to attend. Bev is working hard to make this quite the event with a Goats in a Parade and Goat Cart Races and more!! You might even plan your vacations around it.

I am a member of North American Packgoat Association. I believe that clubs should be joined to show the support of the goat fancy and it's sports. People that hold office do know how well clubs are supported and in the USA today, we as goat owners need all the help to stop stupid animal laws as we can get.

All Things Goat. Martha Ann, a goat lover in Wisconsin and her goat keeping friend Naimhe Jeanne, who had goats invovled in her wedding, Naimhe Jeanne lives in Illinois, have a informational and entertaining goat website at Be sure you have a few minutes to stay at this site, you are sure to get a smile.


If you are looking for nice, and I mean nice, Nigerian Dwarf, LaManchas and or Mini LaManchas; or if you would like to see what correct Pygmy goats are suppose to look like, visit Ginny's nice site
Ginny, who is in NM also has a large section/page on Goat Health and Management that any goat owner will learn from.

I am placing this site under breeds, Debbie has Nubian, Sanaan, Toggenburg and Alpine. But this lady does much more then just breed her goats. Have a look, among showing and milking she also packs with her goats and runs another interesting website, for the goat packing club she so enjoys, at Be sure to take the time to look at the photo gallery, it will make you wish you were closer to this area so that you and your goats could join this club for the fun they seem to have and have often!

Boer Goats and Fallow Deer...have a napkin near because you will be drooling over Judy's animals. Absolutely beautiful animals and a lot of good information on this site. Care, Keeping, Guardian Animal information and more at this nice website.

Kid's Delight Oberhaslis is another nice breed site. Jessica has just awesome looking breeding stock. She also offers hoof trimming, disbudding and tattooing in Oregon.

Dehart Acres is owned by a Cheri. She has several goats and packs with them as well as breeds. The breeds she has and promotes are Boer, Nubian and Mini Nubian. Be sure to take a moment to look at her photo pages.

Herding Cats Acre is owned by Alicia. She is in Washington County, "Downeast Maine". Alica has Nigerian Dwarf Goats and makes and sells Soap with their rich and healthy milk.


Many people that own goats also own or are thinking of owning a llama. We have a site that tells a bit about Working Llamas at

Did you know rabbits can a do enjoy Agility Courses? It's true and it is fun. Have a look at our rabbits on our Rabbit Agility website at

Fancy Rat Agility. Even if you do not own rats, you might enjoy the site.

Check out our Up North Disc Dogs site. You might get a grin looking at our training and humor pages at this site

Kazmaier's have a couple of other "dog" sites. We own, race and train ACK registered Siberian Huskies.

Our Kennel name is DogStar Kennel. Yes, DogStar is one word. Also see our site just for the Working Big Dogs at
We have some great items for sale at Marna's Menagerie

Deron's desk top puplishing program can be seen at

We have a wonderful Donkey named Abby. Owning Abby is a blast and donkeys are different then horses. We are training Abby to do a few tricks and other things. If you are looking for a bit of fun Bible reading you might also find some scriptures at or

Have you gained a few pounds and want to get riding that horse again, or want to loose weight for better balance while riding? I also do equine equipment product reviews, have equine trick ideas and more at this fun site.

We enjoy training animals. Teaching them agility is a great was to teach them to well as have a great time. You might be surprised to learn that just about any species of animal can and does enjoy agility. Here are our gerbil, hamster and mouse agility sites.



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