Our Does

This page is dedicated to doe goats we have and have had. They are/were loved and will be missed. Each taught us something and had a way to make us smile and laugh, as a goat will. Most of our does are working goats, most as milkers, some pack and pull and or do tricks and tasks and or agility.

My first doe was giving to me by a friend, Diane M.. Sissy was my first goat. A black with white tips Kinder Goat. I have photos, but no scanner (right now)

goathat 2004-06-17.jpg
Then there was Pinecone, the goat of goats. Pincone taught me much, and I even taught her a few things.

I could write a book about this wonderful goat. I could go on and on and on. Pinecone was the goat that makes a person want to always have a goat. She was the goat that made a friend of mine want goats. She used to wait outside my front door for me and followed me everywhere, to feed the animals, to ride my bike, to ride horses, everywhere I went, she wanted to be.

Pinecone gave over two gallons of milk per day. I milked her twice a day and filled a one gallon ice cream tub to the rim. Some days I would need something else to finish milking her.

Pinecone pulled me in a cart, in a wagon, and on a scooter! She would wear a pack or big sunglasses or hats or anything else I put on her.

Pinecone was a wonderful working pet goat!

We had WeddingSong. She was an Alpine that was given to us as a wedding gift How KOOOOOOL is that? We got her just after she was weaned and boy, she was a pretty thing!

Marna & Noah

And along came DragonFly. Now this is a goat. LOL DragonFly is a Saanan and was given to me by a dear friend. DragonFly has given milk (well, we had to take it from her) she has pulled a cart and packed. But mostly she stirs up trouble in the goat herd. Unless there are babies she is not interested in hanging out with the rest of the herd. She does however love the babies and if any are around can get along quite well with all the goats.


Gertrude was this cute little baby that grew into a big doe, like her mother Pinecone. Milk? This goat will give lots of milk, again, like her mother. However, we never worked with her like we should have when she was little, so she is not as friendly and loving. Gertrude does not or has not pulled or packed. She has however, given us some really nice babies, she is a very good mother.

Rena Pulling the Wagon

This is Rena, Gertrude's birth sibling. I have to admit, I spent more time with Rena when they were little cause I like her color better (shame on me). Rena also give much milk, as well as pulls a wagon and packs.


Chilly is Rena's daughter born here in NW SD the first winter we were here, infact, the first month we were here. It was very cold here when she and Ann Artica were born. We were not really ready or set up for baby goats when they arrived and so, as you can see, they both have horns. Between the weather and setting up here, we did not work with Chilly either, so she does not do tricks or pull or pack or the like.

Ann Artica In Front

Ann Artica is Gertrude's daughter. This is her in the front of Chilly and Rena. Ann Artica was born just hours after Chilly, but to a different doe. Both Ann Artica and Chilly are Pinecone granddaughters.

Ann Artica has horns, we were not set up to take care of them when we first moved here. With the frigid weather and wind and setting up here, we did not take the time to work with her.

Sizing Atia

Our first Pygmy Goat, Atia (pronoucned At-tee-a). We found a pearl when we found this one! Two days after moving here she gave birth to a son. I have milked her and plan for her to pull a wagon. In this photo we were sizing her up for a fit.

I think the Pygmy's are just adorkable!

Evergreen starts agility

This is a Pinecone granddaughter that I hope to do much with. Her name is Evergreen. She is the only surviving triplet out of Gertrude that were born during a blizzard. Deron held her for hours under his coat, in the house, she was so cold that he had to leave his hat on to keep warm.

Evergreen is being raised in the house. She drinks from her mother each morning and from a bottle the rest of the day. I am just glad to not only have her, but to be raising a goat I will be able to do much with.

In this photo Evergreen is five days old and learning to step over things, she did an actual step, without being asked to, for the first time at three days old. The wood that you see is actually a very low, very short, goat training Balance Beam that is not set up. It is not just wood hanging around that might so it does not have any nails or other hazards in it. Evergreen came over the wood so fast I could not snap her photo in action.


Cedar, was named not only because she is a Pinecone Great Granddaughter, but also after "the Cedars of Lebanon". Born just after midnight on February 1, 2010 and rushed into the house to be warmed by my husband, who went out in the frigid cold to get her, then redressed (overalls, boots, hat, gloves, hood, scarf, and all) and went back out to get her some mama's milk from a goat that had never been milked before and had itty bitty teats.

This little girl, Cedar, is out of Ann Artica x Esau. Ann Aritca is Gertrude's daughter.

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