Working Sheep


Sheep Christmas Sleigh Ride

Yes, it is true there are sheep that have been taught to pull carts, sleighs, wagons, to carry packs and or panniers. Some people have taught Sheep to do tricks a bit of Agility and other tasks. Although I have owned both Hair and Wool Sheep, I have not taught them to do that much.

Sheep, as I understand it from people who train them on my cart_wagon_goat elist at the Yahoo Groups site, are no harder to teach to work then goats. However, any goat harnesses will fit a sheep.

I was told years ago by sheep keepers, that sheep's legs are not as strong as goats therefore sheep can not pull or pack as much weight as a goat is able to.

Sheep are not quite as coordinated as a goat so agility training may take a bit longer and you will have to set up a more stable course with lower and wider agility pieces.

But yes. Sheep, rams and ewes and lambs can do more then just grow wool.

Sheep Cart Sheep Cart Sheep Cart

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