Paste Photo Contest Winners

Girls in training


Red w/ Black Padding Harness
Red w/ Black Padding Harness


This prize is a Red w/Black Padding Harness shown in the photo. This is the harness you will receive.

I designed and use this same type harness for my own goats. I hand craft these harnesses here in our NW SD non smoking home.

This is an easy to put on and take off Wagon Harness for Goats. It has four quick release buckles, once set up to the goats size with easy adjusting, takes about 20 seconds to put on or take off the goat.

The Goat Wagon Harness you will receive is new and has not been worn or tried on or been around any other animals. It was handcrafted in our NW SD non smoking home.

The photos show this harness buckled and unbuckled, you can see how easy this harness will be to use. It is machine and/or hand washable, hang to dry. You will get many years usage out of this nice harness.

This harness is poly webbing with polar fleece padding. This harness will fit most Dairy and many Meat Breeds of goats. The measurements for this adjustable harness are given at the largest adjustment, the largest size that this harness provides. It will fit a goat that is up to approx. 82" around from breast bone around the tail and back up to the front of the breast bone. The waist girth will fit up to approx. 54".

You will also receive information of how we trained our goats to pull wagons as well as easy instructions of how we made our shafts for wagons, cheap and easy to do.

Goat Harness Facts:
Webbing: Red Polly Webbing
Padding: Heavy Weight Black Polar Fleece
Rings: Heavy Duty Plastic D Rings
Buckles: Quick Release Heavy Weight High Impact Plastic - Black in color



The Boss

This month we are offering a new and never used Goat Wagon Harness. This is an easy to use, fast on, fast off Wagon Harness. Four quick snaps, after the size is set up, and this harness is on or off your goat and you are ready to go.

February Photo Contest Prize February Photo Contest Prize

This one is Green so that you are ready for the upcoming St. Pat's parades.

Along with this Nice Green Goat Wagon Harness you will receive instruction sheets on How to Harness the Goat and How to Teach Your Goat to Pull written by Marna Kazmaier

Why doesn't the dog have to work?

March Photo Contest PrizeThis Month we will be giving a Nice
"Be Green" Green Tye Dye like Goat Pack, Day Pack

It is light weight and will fit most standard breeds of goats.

This is a great pack for a day hike or lunch hike.

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